These Five Simple Questions Will Reveal Your True Nature!

These Five Simple Questions Will Reveal Your True Nature!

Warning: You'll be shook. 


1. Life would be boring without:______

A. These BEES in my MOUTH
B. Crippling anxiety and self doubt
C. These Inside Voices Sewing Labels labels

2. Today I am most grateful for: ______

A. The time I spent not having a mouthful of bees
B. The infinite darkness of space
C. These gosh darned Inside Voices Sewing Labels labels

3. ______ lifts me up when I'm down!

A. Enough bees in my mouth
B. NOT gravity, that treacherous harlot

4. ________ lights me up every single time!

A. Not the bees they didn't do anything this time
B. The burning brand at the base of the pyre to which I am tied for being a witch
C. These gosh darned diggity doogity Inside Voices Sewing Labels labels

5. Name one positive thing: _________

A. One of the bees in my mouth with a great outlook on life
B. The end of this battery
C. These bibbity bobbity bosh bang googity Inside Voices Sewing Labels labels




Mostly A: You have a mouthful of bees.
Please open your mouth and release them. How did they even get in there?

Mostly B: You are a sexy, sexy mystery.
You live an exciting, multifaceted life. We know very little about you, but you're going places.

Mostly C: You love Inside Voices Sewing Labels.
This is morally correct and an excellent life choice. You have superior taste and good character. If you were a soup you would be a delicious creamy bisque with just the appropriate amount of chives for garnish. Well done. 

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