Sleigh bells jingling, etc.

I am very poorly organized and the New Zealand postal system is creaking at the seams.

Friends living outside of New Zealand WILL NOT receive their orders before Christmas.

HOWEVER: If you live in Australia and you ordered on or before 27 Nov, there is the barest most ephemeral gnat's whisper of a chance that you may have a very Inside Voices Christmas, but otherwise all bets are off.

My bad

Certified 'Very Good!' by my mum.

She's a woman who knows a thing or two about labels.

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Questionable! Esoteric!

And other words I still use autocorrect to spell correctly!

More oddities for your thirsty little minds!

The Perfection multipack was not popular.

But I didn't go to business school and am guided in equal parts by whimsy and a capricious goblin that speaks only in riddles, so I brought them back for you to avoid buying them again.

The void comes for us all, one by one.

Labels are subject to the unstoppable ravages of time and will one day crumble into dust.


Find the perfect label for any garment to disappoint your parents in.

The Prosperity Multipack

Special labels for that special someone.

It's you. You deserve it, you glorious shining star.