Certified 'Very Good!' by my mum.

She's a woman who knows a thing or two about labels.

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  • Linen? I don't know her.

    It's an okay fabric, I guess.

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  • 100% Human

    Definitely not several frogs in a trench coat. No sir.

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  • Ready for Another Day

    For those busy days of casual misanthropy.

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Heck yes son, it's more new.

Change is bad, but new is good. New! New! New!

Enjoy a brief hit of capitalism-fuelled dopamine here.

New new new, I'm a plane

Proof we didn't forget about the Warnings Multipack.

Look, it's right here.

The void comes for us all, one by one.

Labels are subject to the unstoppable ravages of time and will one day crumble into dust.


Find the perfect label for any garment to disappoint your parents in.

The Prosperity Multipack

Special labels for that special someone.

It's you. You deserve it, you glorious shining star.